Associations serve as a resource for industry information, education, research and technical expertise. Stratomedia understands your target audiences:

  • the government as it is responsible for legislation and policies affecting your members;
  • the general public, which may know very little of the benefits and significance of your industry; and
  • your members themselves, who may include allied leaders with different needs and expectations from general members

Your members share a common experience or a common trade, which brings them together originally. Through annual events or regular electronic, print or Web communication, Stratomedia can work with you to enhance this bond among members and build bridges to important government counterparts.

Stratomedia will create designs that capture the essence of your organization, effectively communicate your members' interests to government and help you report back the results of your activities. Stratomedia also works with associations to facilitate member communication, bringing useful and relevant information on current technologies, policies and practices to your members so they can perform their jobs better.

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